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FORT® Rockwool Door Series:

FORT® stiffened door has vertical steel-stiffeners throughout the height of the door. The stiffeners can be of Z-section, U-Channel,Offset-channel or Hat Sections welded to each skin of the door.Rockwool-stiff ened core is the most reliable and durable construction.

Rockwool Stiffened doors are used for exterior doors, where rigidly is important. They are available in varying degrees of strength and quality. The thickness of the stiffeners can vary, the majority is made of 20 gauge steel. Heavier gauges can be used, particularly on security doors. The stiffeners are welded to each other at the top and bottom, and to the inside door skins. The cavities between two stiffeners can be filled with Rockwool or any insulating material. Door edges are mechanically interlocked the full height of the door. Top & bottom inverted channels provide stability and protection. Bevelled hinge and lock edges allow for tighter installation tolerances, to ensure easier operation and eliminate binding and sticking.

FORT® Stiffened construction is in compliance with SDI-100 standards (ANSI A250.8-1998). Hardware preparation, reinforcement and locations are in accordance with ANSI A250.6-1997 and SDI 129-00. Rock-wool Insulated have integral high resistance to Impact damage. Calculated thermal conductivity factors and STC rating for Rock-wool Insulated doors are as follows.

*U-Factor: 2.20 *R-Factor: 0.45 *STC: 37

FORT® Rockwool Core door specifi cation.
Core : Steel Stiffeners with rockwool
Fire rating (As per UL10B/10C) : 90 min for flush door & with Vision panel
Fire Rating (AS per BS476:per*22) : 90 min for flush
Vision panel (Max. area) : 100 Sq.Inch as per UL10B/10C

FORT® Rockwool Door Series_02.jpg